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  • Konnichi-Wow: Free Trip To Japan 1st Raffle Winner Press Release

    TravelBook.ph announces first Trip to Japan winner


    TravelBook.ph, the leading online travel agency in the Philippines, announced on their official Facebook page today their first Konnichi-WOW promo winner. Erwin Sarmiento from Quezon City is set to have an all-expenses paid trip to Japan.

    Sarmiento’s prize is inclusive of round trip plane tickets, free hotel accommodation, and pocket money. He also has the option to bring one companion to his trip.

    The Konnichi-WOW raffle draw was held last April 11, 2017 with the supervision of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Representative Rhoda Sevillino and Travelbook.ph Business Planning and Market Strategy Officer Mary Angeli Pasquin.

    Sarmiento is the first of the three winners of TravelBook.ph’s Konnichi-WOW promo. The said promo was launched last March 10 in celebration of the company’s fourth anniversary and continues until May 31, 2017. Two more winners will be announced on May and June 2017 respectively.

    Interested travelers can still join the next raffle draw simply by booking their next hotel accommodation through the TravelBook.ph website or the TravelBook.ph mobile app available in Android and iOS.


    For more details about the promo, read the full mechanics here.

    Enjoy your summer staycation with TravelBook.ph! Book now! #TravelBookPH  #TravelMore


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  • Famous Breakfast Place in Antipolo: Eggs for Breakfast

    It’s been a while and I have no updated contents on my blog due to the commitments that I have to focus on and at the same time, I’m taking care of my grandmother. Last week she passed away and her death has been the hardest thing to deal with.

    Now that I am back on track. Three weeks ago, my sister and I went to a cozy café right after our church service. We came from Eastwood city and it only took 15 to 20 minutes to get there. Thanks to waze! Such a big help! As a Zomato foodie and blogger, we love to explore cafes in the metro. Surprisingly, Antipolo has a hidden gem cafes and we cannot resist trying. From the name itself EGGS for Breakfast, who wouldn’t be curious about that? On what do they serve? How does the chef come up with a gourmet with eggs as the main ingredient? I know other people might think they can only come during breakfast hours but I am happy to tell you that they are open from 7 AM to 5 PM.


    The capacity I think will not over to 30 customers and quite small. This is a go-to place after jogging and looking for a post workout meal, could also be biker’s meet up and have breakfast with friends, or you may want to have your own me time while reading the latest news on the newspaper.


    Rustic reclaimed counter

    I love their reclaimed wood counter. It adds the coziness to the café and pretty sure other guest was mesmerized too.We just noticed that the people who come here are a couple. This place is highly recommended if you have a partner or you wanna go solo and would like to have a cozy and intimate breakfast or brunch in a garden café. Yes, it has a huge Garden because EGGS FOR BREAKFAST is located inside Velada Estate and Events Place in Villa Cecilia Subdivision and they cater events like weddings, birthday, debuts etc.

    Innovative crafts

    As you can see in the photo above, most customers here are couples. So my sister and I felt a little awkward because we are the only customer who has no partner. You may still enjoy the food and the ambiance even alone. The interior looks so adorable and the creativity is awesome. I love how they used their crafts and it adds to the artistic vibe. They used toned down hues to look bright and light filled in the morning.


    The design of this cafe makes me want to hang plants in our ceiling.

    Indoor Hanging plants and artificial grass add greenery to the ambiance. The feeling is really relaxing.


    Curated menu

    This is what we ordered. I suggest you go here as a group for you guys to taste most on their menu. The food is actually great and it tastes really good. And for me, this is a perfect breakfast and IG worthy indeed. For those with a sweet tooth, I highly recommend French toast with a blueberry jam and their smoothies. If you are totally hungry, you may want to order their famous One Pan Breakfast and often called as breakfast for the champions. It has a big serving and that includes (2 sausages, 2 sunny sides up egg, shiitake mushrooms, 2 thick strip of bacon and roasted potatoes)

    My only comment is that the Huevos Rancheros is a little salty. Maybe the beans that they used quite salty or too much seasoning maybe.  The price for a gourmet like this is a little expensive but the serving is quite bigger and good for sharing. Not bad at all. The service is fast and we got our order in less than 20 minutes. The staff were courteous and accommodating as well.

    Classic French toast with blueberry jam………. Php 230

    Country French Omelette with side salad ……….. Php 205

    Huevos Rancheros …… Php 245

    Homemade potato fries ….. Php 50

    Penne Ariabiatta …. Php 235

    Funkey Monkey …. Php   155



    Homemade crunchy fries

    Country French Omelette with side salad

    Huevos Rancheros

    A classic Spanish brunch with Mexican beans, spicy blend tomato sauce, topped with cracked egg and a baked crispy tortilla. 

    Funky monkey

    (Milk, bananas, chocolate, peanut butter). My ultimate favorite among all! I am craving now again!


    As I mentioned earlier, Velada Estate is an events place. We also inquired because my mom is getting married soon. Their complete package comes with a wide venue up to 200 pax, food catering, styling, boutique hotel with big rooms and a classy eye catchy lobby and the guest can also stay in the café.


    Who would resist to take selfie or group photo in this country style cute setup?

    This is a cool and very nice place to stay. My sister and I absolutely love their cool vibe. The parking is no problem at all and you can also enjoy the outdoor seat. Private dining? Yes, they do have and is available for special occasions or meetings.

    Please call them for reservation.

    Telephone number: 02- 2133424


    Eggs for Breakfast. Velada Estate.

    #21 Don Juan Street Villa Cecilia Subdivision Sumulong Highway, Barangay Mambugan, Lower Antipolo, Rizal.


    Eggs For Breakfast Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

    For more food and travel updates, follow me on

    Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/happyhippievibeblog

    Instagram http://@happyhippievibeblog

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  • Top 5 Fun adult Valentine’s day Party Games


    I know most of us feel a little bit bitter this Valentines day. Just like me honestly! Ha-ha But don’t be sad because this special day is NOT ONLY exclusive for the couples. This can also be celebrated with your friends. It is actually more fun and exciting! Planning a party can be a daunting task. And if you are hosting a party in your place, better try these cool ideas!

    1. Spin the bottle -Hey hey hey! This is not the same game that you played way back college days! OOPPS! This is not what you think. We will change the rules OK OK? Whenever the bottle points to someone, the spinner must say something nice OR some unforgettable shameful funny moments. Then you can give the person sweets that you guys prepared. Somehow sweet = )

    This is quite hilarious! Don’t forget to take a video!

    2. Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt – This is played by a pair. You could buy some valentine treasures like candies, pen, flowers, chocolates etc. Then hide it around the room. If the team founds more items compared to others, they will be declared as winner and they can have it all.

        3. Musical Hearts – This is mostly played if there is birthday party or fiesta. It is a paper dance game. But you will just cut the large newspaper into a heart shape and place it around the room. Then play the music and when the music stops, they must step on the paper only and make sure you guys will not touch the floor. Then repeats again, fold the paper. The last man standing will be declared as winner. So get ready to groove!

     4. Jengga drunk game – Let us change the rules. BOTTOMS up game! This game is usually composed of 4 to 5 peeps. The game ends when the tower falls. And the person who played last will bottom up the beer and will spill some steamiest experience! GET READY!

    5. Valentines match me – If you want a more fun fun fun game. A cheeky game but not a crude for Valentine’s Day. Match me is an adult fill in the blank game that inspires fun and laughter like what we are watching on Tv. Most of the questions focus on Valentine’s Day, romance and relationships. If someone can impersonate like Tito boy or Jason Gainza of “IHAW NA” and is assertive to throw some spoofs is a way better!


    Have fun and enjoy the game! Do not forget to upload your photos and tag me on Facebook! facebook.com/happyhippievibe. Use the hashtag #AdultVdaygamebyhappyvibe

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  • Baler Escapade: Surfing capital of the Philippines

    Last Dec. 30, 2016, my family and I went to a 12-hour drive local trip. This trip is truly special to me aside from the fact that I would want to try this fun sport but also spending our new year’s eve away from our home gives me more excitement. We went to the “surfing capital of the Philippines” which is BALER. Remember Anne Curtis-smith and Jericho Rosales movie? wherein a band of Spanish soldiers heroically defended baler (which now became the capital city of aurora) against Filipino revolutionary forces for 337 long and grueling days. This is where the location shot and the title itself derived from the place.


    I know you guys were wondering why it took 12 hours? That is only one way. When I was driving from Eastwood until I reached Balintawak.The original plan based on my travel guide is to take the North Luzon Expressway . and take the SCTEX exit in LaPaz, Tarlac. From there, just drive and chill in the highway until you reach Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija. Once you reach Nueva Ecija aurora hi-way, you’ll reach the border by passing Palaver, Rizal, and Pantabangan . Then continue driving through Maria Aurora and San Luis and you can finally see the beauty of Baler. BUT the plan I prepared did not push through because my future stepfather told me to exit to Sta. Rita and I just went straight and felt I’m tired driving for almost 4 hours and still we are in the vicinity of Bulacan. And so I gave up and he managed to drive and I fell asleep. Then I woke up wondering we are in the middle of the woods and passing several mountains and rocky road which quite confusing. After checking my watch it is almost 10 hours that we are on the road and I finally asked the people how to get there immediately and we arrived around 7:30 pm. But it’s ok sometimes mistakes cannot be avoided and more important is that we are safe.



    Since we have no reservation, and it’s hard to look for a hotel at night so we just managed to check-in in a travelers inn which is AWEL’S SEASHORE INN. The staff was attentive and they were able to cook for us since we’re very tired from our long drive. Our first night was really tiring and the next day we just stayed in the room until late afternoon and we ate at the rolling stores. We stayed there for two days.The price is cool if you are on a budget which is Php 2,500 per night only with two twin beds in one room, a foldable table, and two chairs. It’s also a pet-friendly inn.

    On our third day after searching for a beach front view hotel, The residents told me that the famous “COSTA PACIFICA” is one of the famous hotels in Sabang beach. So I went there to check and asked my family to go with me. Costa Pacifica has a beachfront view accommodation, Free wifi, buffet breakfast, sports shops and other amenities. It was really fantastic because the place was absolutely cozy, clean, great food and staffs were courteous and they attended our needs immediately.  My mom loves it and we stayed for 2 days and 1 night.


    Awel’s Seashore in located at T. Molino St. Aurora, Baler

    Good thing there’s a cradle in front of Awel’s inn. I asked the owner if I could use = )

    Free use of cradle

    They have the comfiest outdoor furniture!

    We simply can’t get enough of this lovely place.

    Costa Pacifica has a beautiful seaside reception.

    Sabang Beach


    The beauty of Costa Pacifica


    Very nice room two twin beds in one room. Extra bed is Php 1500 per head.

    Oversized sofa. Can be used as the bed too. I love the end table color.

    The look is timeless…

    With tv, coffee maker, and working desk. And yes we brought our office files in our trip.

    My mom loves the gorgeous style of the restroom.

    Costa Pacifia Beach Resort located at #80 Buton St. Baler



    There are too many rolling stores along the road. You can actually see their famous Crispy Lechon and mouth-watering grilled chicken near the supermarket and I find it a little pricey compared in manila. We bought those when we stayed in Awel’s inn. We shared our food to the hotel caretakers and we celebrated our new year with them! They gave us one whole plate of “Bico” that they made which is not too sweet.

    We recommend:

    COSTA PACIFICA RESTAURANT -They have a breakfast buffet which is included in the room rate and we also tried their lunch menu. We ordered kare kare seafood, adobong baka with a liver spread, rice with crab paste and my favorite banana smoothie with peanut butter. The price was a little pricey but the taste and service are worth it.

    HUNGRY SURFER – (Beach view cafe, besides Costa Pacifica) Aside with their cool eye-catching interiors they served good food and we ordered their famous tapa,daing na bangus and instant hot chocolate to brighten up our day. Fast service and good food as well.

    BAYLER’S RESTAURANT – In Sabang beach also (Besides hungry surfer cafe ). We ordered sinigang sa tanigue, crab meat rice and beef steak with sautéed onions. But the food was late and it took 40 minutes before they served.

    GROUNDSWELL CAFE – (Infront of Costa Pacifica), Our nightlife well spent. I’ve met incredible people here and got a little chitchat with the cafe owner. We tried their best seller craft iced latte, green tea, and vegan chips. They do have some sort of board games on the corner perfect for family bonding. I’m a little dismayed when I tried ordering their pesto pasta. As per them, they couldn’t make it because they’re under staff. The music is very entertaining and they played my favorite bossa nova hit list. 



    Costa Pacifica restaurant has a perfect meal for every craving! located at Buton St. Baler, Aurora

    And because we ate a lot. Ooops!


    Our love and hate relationship

    For sale novelty item

    Groundswell cafe located at Buton St. Baler, Auroa



    Hungry surfer’s cafe located at Buton St. Baler, Aurora

    Bayler View Restaurant located at Buton St. Baler, Aurora


    • Surf Surf Surf! Board rental is Php 350 per hour only with the instructor at Charlie does.
    • Chill with the locals and have few shots of tequila at night.
    • Night jamming at the beach front.
    • Explore the beaches, waterfalls and other attractions.
    • If you are into water sports, they also have snorkeling and paddle boarding.
    • Go camping in a sheltered cave or beaches. A favorite among the surfers since it is located just in front of the surf camp’s surf spot.


    My ultimate list of surf travel essentials


    Life is better when you surf = )

    High tide

    Practice makes perfect!

    Surfer Bar and Grill located at Buton St. Baler, Aurora

    Yellow Fin Restaurant and Bar located at Buton St. Aurora Baler



    Baler may appear as an exclusive surfer’s paradise but the fact is a few other adventure destinations can be found within the town.



    Spectacular and breathtaking sunrise in Sabang beach. Best time of the day to walk and have some quick exercise.




    Municipal hall


    Museo de Baler

    Ermita hill has a haunted history. Way back 17th century, baler was washed away by the tidal wave. Thousands of lives were lost and only a few people survived in the incident.


    Tibang Sabang steel cable hanging  bridge


    Roadtrip with my family. Exploring the beauty of baler


    Dimadimalangat islet


    Road trip from museum to lukso- lukso islet in diguisit

    The clingy couple in rock formation

    Baler Lighthouse. I wasn’t able to finish it because I’m full that time.

    One of my favorite rolling stores in Baler!


    Bahay ni Donya Aurora

    Renovated historical church

    Balete Tree. And yes that’s my sister. I know she looks scary. Peace!


    As a traveler, why do we buy souvenirs every time we travel? Because we always want to bring home something that will remind of our trip and it’s a collection of moments that we had. It will keep us remembered how we truly enjoyed our trip. You can actually buy some souvenirs beside the municipal hall  (You’ll see a variety of stalls). You will see some surfing- themed shirts made of high-quality material, keychains, handmade bags, key chains, magnets and Aurora’s famous homemade  PEANUT BUTTER by Nanay Pacita. I actually bought three (crunchy peanut, creamy and choco peanut). I do really like the taste and I think it is made extra special. By the way, Have you ever heard of a healthy suman? Yes, they do have here! Aurora’s ORGANIC SUMAN made of organic black rice and coco milk.



    Organic Suman

    Nanay Pacing Peanut Butter


    My overall experience is 4.5 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed our trip and pretty sure I’ll be back soon with my friends and my blogger besties next time.

    For more travel  updates follow me on

    Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/happyhippievibeblog

    instagram http://@happyhippievibeblog

















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  • The art of giving…

    2 days before Christmas eve, my friends and I went out to distribute Noche Buena on the road. Originally, Our plan is to have dinner and grab some french wine but my good friend of mine “Yuan” said in our group facebook chat that why don’t we make a difference this holiday season? we asked him “what do you mean by that?” he said let’s make a difference by giving something to the needy and I told him our time is limited to arrange this charity works because we have to find where to give those goods either for the homeless people or for the sick kids. But then he encouraged us to give something to the needy to those who are living on the streets. This art of giving comes from our heart. it’s a small act of kindness that we don’t expect anything in return.


    Ready to eat Noche Buena package


    Just a simple way to make other people happy. We packed the goods which are ready to eat. Because we have to consider that others have no capacity to cook since most of them are homeless.

    From Ortigas with love. lol


    This is my friend yuan who encourage us to make a difference. At first, I’m so scared of going out and to distribute goods for the reason people might mob me but then he reminded me that we are doing this to make people happy.

    The first guy whom we shared our blessing


    The first one who received our Noche Buena package. He’s an Aeta from a far province. They were on the c5 road asking for food but after he thanked us and we got a teary eye. For those fellas who might be passing c5 road kindly share some food or drinks to them.



    We were driving along shaw blvd road when we saw this happy family. Upon seeing them, we just had a quick interview on how they’re going to spend their Christmas. They answered that they don’t have much and that is why they’re asking for donations along the road or selling some Sampaguita and cigarette. One of them works as a carpenter, the other one is a jeep barker but it doesn’t mean it’s enough to raise a family especially now cost of living is too high and not everyone can afford it.  They were very happy when we handed the Noche Buena package. Truly look at their smiles 😉

    Selfie with their mom!


    When we parked yuan’s car in front of the salon, Kids hurriedly came to us and knocking the door asking for some food or Christmas present. At first, I gave the kids first cupcakes then greeted them merry Christmas. Everyone was happy when I handed the cupcakes. But to their surprise, I get off in the car and I went to the car compartment and I picked the Noche Buena and gave to their family.

    Happy kiddos.




    8,000 affected residents of Brgy addition hills because of fire accident


    Actually, we started around 3 pm and we only saw few families on the street and the traffic is absolutely terrible that’s why our time is limited and it’s almost dark that moment. We prayed at that moment that hopefully, we could still see needy families on the road so we no longer need to go that far (There is some Noche Buena package left) and my friend accidentally saw a basketball court with random families inside. We approached one of the government worker assigned in that area and she explained that 8,000 families were now homeless because of the fire incident. Since we cannot accommodate them all, we made a promise that we’ll be back some other time. Or if you guys have a compassion to help you may drop by at Brgy. addition hills and bring some old clothes, food, and drinks. I’ve realized that I’m complaining too much in my life most especially when I’m having a bad day or if things went not in my way. By looking at them, we have no rights to complain. So let’s keep in our mind that appreciation can make a day, even it can change a life. But our willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.


    Let’s bring back their smile regardless of what happened. Let’s share the good vibes.


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  • District Twenty One : A hip & chic fashion boutique that you must visit.

    Concept stores are now reigning in every industry and it gave an opportunity for the local online retailers to display their brand so they can showcase their hottest designs along with other categories.If you are a hip and chic fellas, District twenty-one is a one stop shop for your ootd’s. With its jaw-dropping interior design, you’ll feel more interested in shopping and it’s a hassle-free space.


    Lovin’ the cool vibes!


    Photo grabbed from their page

    You can find here your preferred smart casual ootds, fashionable shoes & bags, cosmetics (if you wanted to look more fabulous) and skin care products. Their denim jacket with cool patches is pretty awesome! Go look for it and find it why.


    Photo grabbed from their fan page.


    Photo grabbed from their fan page

    The good thing about District twenty-one, They not only sell fashionable items but they do also have organic food displays and creative crafts.


    They recently had a soft opening and the food that was served for the visitors and customers were yummy and not just ordinary taste.


    What made district twenty one awesome is they invited Laureen Uy to be the speaker of the said event. She is one of the most influential fashion and lifestyle blogger in our country and if you guys have no idea, she is the sister of Liz Uy (It girl and celebrity stylist).Laureen shared her fashion tips about smart casual ootds, how to mix & match printed clothes, and which fits you better in terms of your size & height. Most important on how to be confident with what you wear and on how to be yourself and be confident with your fashion sense.


    I encircled the lady I styled and we won the contest = ).

    Even I’m not petite as others, I’m proud and confident that I have fashion sense with the help of reading blogs and lifestyle magazines (Sorry I’m a book hoarder ^_^). Originally,  my partner was stuck so I just had to pick what fits in her all by myself and asked her opinion.



    Happy hippie vibe meets Break my style


    Thanks Laureen for this makeup stuff!

    It was really really really fun event! I learned so much from a fashion guru and I’ve got the chance to see how cool District Twenty One is. There’s so much to explain about them but they’re highly recommendable for the online retailers and shoppers. Thanks, district twenty-one for the awesome gifts & experience!


    Calling all the online retailers, fashionistas, shopaholics and creative peeps!

    You may visit them at:

    LPI centre residence. capt. Javier Brgy. ilog Pasig city

    (Near capitol commons)


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  • Book and Borders Cafe: A perfect place to chill and get some work done.

    If you are looking for a place to read books, chill and get some work done, Book and borders has it. In my personal experience, Book and Borders has a Cozy and Homey interior . As a decorator, the decors that is displayed is impressive and the color combination, furnishings were attractive.The smell of their coffee aroma can boost your mood and the overall bright lightning of the cafe that will keep you awake.

    Book and borders has a friendly staff. Upon entering the cafe, they’ll will greet you with their sweetest smile.

    If you are a book hoarder just like me and you wanted to borrow a book from them. Present your valid i.d and you can check in their section. They have wide selection of magazines , fiction and non-fiction books while enjoying your hot latte  #digitaldetox.

    I became more productive and my brain feels like i can do more.

    My beautiful mom was with me at that moment.

    Caeasar salad for Php 180 only

    She ordered hefty green salad with bacon chunks sprinkled with parmesan cheese. The romaine lettuce was used here is fresh and a little crunchy and it has the best source of vitamin A and other variety of nutrients.

    Chicken penne pesto for Php 195 only

    Originally, My first choice is chicken parmigiana pasta but due to high demand i didn’t had a chance to try it.  The pasta has a big serving. It tasted like a basil , with a little saltiness and a little crunch. But the way it is being cooked i like it very much. It’s a bitter sweet nutty creamy taste.


    Salted hot chocolate for only Php 120

     The whip cream used is thick and creamy. The cocoa has a strong and authentic taste which is highly recommendable.




    They also offer variety of desserts from chocolate brownies, cheeserolls and cheesecakes. And hey! they also serve craft beers that you can choose from! Pretty cool right??? It’s very seldom that cafes could serve beer in an intimate space. My overall experience is 4 out of 5 stars . Hopefully next time chicken parmigiana is available = )

    You may visit them at :

    Ground floor, olympic heights condominium Eastwood city.


    Book & Borders Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  • Table setting workshop: Heima Happy Home X Make it blissful

    Christmas is fast approaching and many of us were busy in buying christmas decors for our house and gifts for our love ones and friends. But then if you have plans on hosting a get together, will give you some perks on how to get inspired to make your holiday table sparkle with these special decoration and dazzling center pieces. But hey! having a table setting is not just applicable during holidays, It can also be anytime as long as you want to throw a party in your home.

    Actually I literally have no idea on how to do a table setting set- up because I only know is to eat! Hahaha even though I invited some guest numerous times to come over in our place. I’ll just only pick the usual plates, utensils and so on. I even don’t bother to use placemat because I felt my guest is just cool with that and they’re my friends (they have no rights to complain! Just kidding!).But then I’ve come to realize that if you put extra effort in making your dining table beautiful and attractive your guest will feel extra special and it influences the appearance of the food served.

    I’m glad that Heima Lifestyle sent us invitation to attend their workshop . I also invited my friends to experience this workshop with me. Why do you think guys we should join in this workshop? mainly because is  to give our dining table that perfect finishing touch and to unleash our creativity!!!.  It’s actually a collab between Heima Happy Home x Make it Blissful

    About the speaker, Martine De luna is a mommy blogger , Pinterest avid fan and a brand consultant as she offers her writing services , gathering set up and other services to offer to those entrepreneurs who would like to achieve their overall branding objective.

    Whoever the calligraphist is, thank you for writing my beautiful name!

    I’ve met new friends here who were also young entrepreneurs and bloggers as well. She discussed first the great importance when you have a solid relationship with your family, food on the table and a roof on your head it is indeed a happy home and richer than you think.

    I am really fond of martine’s creativity. By looking at these stuffs you can actually recognize how passionate she is in doing her crafts. Her advised would be you can combine the materials that is available to your home just make sure the prints and shade were almost the same and just put few a strikingly different material just to exhibit some contrast. Available materials were rectangular signage with backlight, christmas balls, ribbons, table runner, placemats , mini christmas tree , christmas lights, and many more to mention and ofcourse the utensils and tablewares that is being used. Do you see those initials above?  Those are ceramic cups sold by Heima store for only Php 1,266.67 each. It’s actually the kid’s dinnerware as you don’t need to worry if accidents might occur . Plus! They were also selling printed tablewares and we will know later what it makes so extra special! .

    Some sort of inspirational advice from martine. We must value and love our family no matter what.

    Brainstorming if which is better color scheme needed to come up and on how to arrange the food table strategically. Since the table is too small for four people we still made to a point to be creative and it must be comfortable. These shabby chic cool printed tablewares is perfect for afternoon tea parties! and it makes your table look extra- special! For tablewares inquires kindly checkout Heima store website www.heimastore.com


    My happy friends who made my day. Had fun in exchanging ideas. didn’t know that these gals were very much creative as i ever imagine!


                                  Keep calm and let’s get the party started!


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  • Pay what you want experience at Recession Coffee by Digital Walker

    I’ve been a coffee drinker since my college days way back 6 years ago…. Yes 6 years ago! I felt I’m so old now ;-( . I remembered when we have major exams, I’ve been staying in the cafe for almost whole day and ordered variety of flavors to keep my mind alive . But after I graduated and got my full time job, the stress is totally different (Absolutely! my mind must be that creative most of the time most esp. I’m in a marketing field!) .According to the survey that having a cup of coffee may help manage people stress. But hey not too much! There’s a cool cafe in our neighborhood. And guess what??? YOU CAN PAY WHAT YOU WANT!

    Located at 2nd floor, Eastwood main mallLocated at 2nd floor, Eastwood main mall

    Recession Coffee is a chic and unique cafe that shares the same space as Digital Walker  as you can see in the above photo. Digital walker sells portable speaker, iphones , imported phone casing, headphones etc in which this is the store for techy savy fellas. You will know why this one makes unique.



    You can choose from here

    Upon entering the cafe, you’ll gonna choose your flavor that they offering. Black (Espresso, cafe americano , long black) White (Latte, cappuccino, flat white) and you have a choice either Brewed as Hot or Cold. But upon ordering you’ll be ask    “How much are you willing to pay for your coffee?” I’m sure peeps who  first went here were totally shocked that they have no idea that this cafe is a pay-what-you-want system.


    My sister and I

    My sister and I were enjoying this spot



    Why so serious???


    My sister and I loves the ambiance. Since we both appreciate interior designs we absolutely like this place. If we needed to do some work out from office this would be our number 1 to go place . The place were very calming, bright lightning. there’s a communal space and a private tables and chairs for those who wanna have chitchat with friends while having their chosen coffee & pastry.

    Service :

    The baristas were friendly and courteous. The service is fast because we got our coffee and pastry in less than 10 mins.




    Having good time with my sister


    I tried their flat white and it was really good! I like the strong taste and it is totally incomparable. I used to drink coffee in a mug but this one is a bit challenging because you have to hold the glass while pipping hot coffee . Quality of the coffee were not compromised even my sister and I paid small . Ooppps!


    I’m a matcha lover… my friends knows about it.

    Kudos to Chef Mikko Aspiras for creating these sweet treats and variety of flavorful coffee . This matcha brownie were crunchy and it melts in my mouth. This is my apple-in-the-eye and this will keep me on coming back.

    My overall experience is 4.7 out of 5. I enjoyed my coffee so much while browsing the latest tech here in digital walker . It’s a perfect collab! I’m looking forward to try the other pastries like lovewins (The rainbow cake) priced at Php 150 or honey ombre cake priced at Php 140 each. My only comment is lacking of extra chairs and tables since the foot traffic in this cafe is high.



    Recession Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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