8 Things to Do When People Don’t Support You

Have you encountered a kind of people that never trusted your abilities? It may be from your family, friends or loved ones. It is most hurtful when your family or a member of your family belittle what you can do. Some people may have their own basis of judging you like way back college days most of your subjects in school were marked as D, You had dropped out of the unpredictable conflict in school. There are wildly successful people who had dropped out in high school. Remember Steve Jobs and the rest of his gang? They were kicked off in school and yet because of his perseverance and dedication in investing for the future; he is now one of the most successful digital creators in history. Another one, they may see you lacking in self-confidence. The unexpected repetitive failures due to your behavior in decision making. You have got the unpleasant results maybe you are lacking in acquiring the relevant source. Have you shown laziness most of the time or maybe too much pride in yourself? Let us say you never make the first move?

Whatever basis or judgments that they may have in their mind, you shouldn’t be affected at all. Most of all, that is your life and you are accountable for it. Before you set your goals, keep in your mind that you will follow these ways for yourself and not for the benefit of anyone. It is your own achievement. You can call it exclusive for yours only!



1. Build your confidence.

I know most successful people in my time now that their secret recipe for their own success is to BELIEVE YOURSELF. Remember that you’re the author of your own life and you want to make the most of it. I will give you an example: When you are dreaming being a model wearing designer clothes in a fashion magazine yet you are curvy. You felt that you are not qualified with the given qualifications. People were thinking that you have no chance to show the universe that you can. Gaze into the mirror and see how beautiful you are. You must stand up straight, chin up, be brave and put in your heart that before anything else you must love yourself. List down the qualities and characteristics that you possess and you’ll realize that you can conquer the universe!


2. You cannot please everyone in life.

You must have a high understanding that not all the people that you are surrounded by appreciating you. They have their own judgments and want to be above with anyone. Surround yourself with the people who are on the same mission as you succeed. Always help each other by exchanging ideas and learning from it. Most important, be happy and keep your positivity as you grow.


3. Set clear goals.

List down your goals in which you think is achievable and make that as your top most priority. Let us say that you are a model wanna be and you would like to be a fashion entrepreneur and a makeup artist as well. How will you be able to achieve your task if you have more than 1 goal? Remember one step at a time. You need to get a spreadsheet and a calendar. In your spreadsheet, write the things you think you can do on your own without asking anyone’s help. Being independent in making your own decision is better compared who really you are before you started. Write down the steps you needed to achieve in each day.
Highlight your accomplishments each week and track your progress. Jot down in your calendar the list of top priority errands and never forget your deadline.


4. Avoid procrastination.

If you keep on delaying things, pretty sure you’ll not achieve anything. The first thing you should do is to discipline yourself. Remember that you don’t get support from the people you love. You’ll only rely on yourself.  Begin your day with a short prayer and start your day with a list of task you prepared the night before.  Wake up as early as you can and practice daily exercise routine. Prepare your healthy breakfast while checking your agenda for the day and you will be guided. Try to avoid checking your social media accounts in the morning. Just discipline yourself from any distraction that will affect your daily performance. You may check once in a while, but don’t make it a habit. You will notice it’s already consumed your time.

5. Keep yourself motivated.
To keep yourself motivated, You must have a clear mind on what you want in your life with the help of motivational videos and successful stories. Create your own mood board by making cut-outs from a used magazine as your source of inspiration to work hard and enjoy your life.
6. Believe in yourself.
It might be hard for you to achieve your goal. Because it requires a lot of patience and dedication. If you do one step at a time, you’ll then realize that it is worth the pain and it feels so good after all.
7. Thank the people that you don’t get support.

Once you have proven to them that they are wrong, You have to thank them because you were able to surpass your struggles alone and became matured enough to handle those things.

 8. Enjoy your life.

Life is short and make ways on how to enjoy every single day of your life. More important is to share the good vibes!



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  1. Really great post, I enjoyed it !! So many good tips and points I will definitely take on board… love the blog ❤️

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thank you Ava!

  2. Tina says: Reply

    I like this post a lot. You listed some really good tips 🙂

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Thanks for sharing the tips and friendly reminders. You are so correct to say that people have their own agendas and judgements when they give their opinions. I always have problems cos I always procastinate and I really would like to get myself on track.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      I have also problems with that but it’s definitely normal just try to improve little by little and make some baby steps to avoid procastination.

  4. I’ve had found my online buddies and communities to be huge pillars of strength for me when I am getting no support elsewhere. Continue to build your dreams!!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Good to hear that natasha! Not all the people who are present around you shows support in reality. Sometimes its better in an online world. I agree with you 👌

  5. ann says: Reply

    I really agree with this! If people don’t like you, its there problem already. as long as you’re not hurting anybody.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      That’s true!

  6. Yeah, it is always the people who think you cannot achieve it will make you want to work harder to proof them wrong 🙂 Of course, must remember to stay on track..hehe

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      That’s right! Thanks for reading my blog! 😊

  7. Fumiko says: Reply

    Great post!! I’m really struggling to achieve my goal everyday.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Just keep on dreaming until you achieve it! Never lose hope!

  8. This is really positive post!!! Should be read by everyone. Thanks for sharing i always read thru these positive things

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Ohhhhh This makes my heart melt! Thanks kelly!

  9. Very inspirational, Danica! Until now I still have a few people around me who don’t believe I can’t achieve things. It’s discouraging and depressing, actually. But most of the time I shrug it off and mind my own business. My goal is to prove them wrong. 🙂

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      That’s right ella! Continue doing it and show them that you can conquer the universe!

  10. Love the post, so inspirational. Keep spreading positive vibes 👍

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thank you! I will continue to share the good vibes to everyone!

  11. IMAN says: Reply

    So helpful. It’s true, whatever it is, just live your life happily!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thanks Iman! That’s right! Even if you no longer have penny left in your wallet still you are happy because of inner peace.

  12. Really great advice! I especially agree with setting goals! keep up the great writting!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thanks Chaya!

  13. Blair villanueva says: Reply

    Lovely post dear! Sometimes we still need reminders like this for us to keep motivated to do what we want and achieve our goals 🙂

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thanks Blair for ready my blog! 😊

  14. I am doing most of the items on your list, but I definitely need to work on the procrastination. I think that the most important thing is to believe in yourself, regardless if other believe in you or not. If you have some self confidence, that goes a long way too.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      That’s right!

  15. Emily says: Reply

    Never allow other people’s thoughts or words ti affect you. You are your own person with your own abilities. Always believe that.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Perfect! Thanks for reading my blog

  16. Thanks for sharing, I have been into that situation before and yes keeping ourselve motivated is very important.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      That’s right! Thanks for reading my blog

  17. Sabine says: Reply

    So true, your points are really true. I’m thankful for the people that weren’t there so I learned how to trust myself even more.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      i’m so happy knowing that you trust yourself even more. Keep it up dear!

  18. Katja says: Reply

    I always get this stubborn “I’ll show you!” feeling if I feel people aren’t supporting me. It’s important to stay focused and go for it anyway; not everyone will understand your ambitions.
    Katja xxx

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      That’s right! I agree with you

  19. I have gotten to a zone where I don’t need any approval by anyone on whatever I do. You either like me or you don’t. No apologies no bending backwards to accommodate people’s expectations.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      You nailed it!

  20. Great post! For me the most important are 1 and 2, believe in yourself and realise you will never please everyone. Please yourself first! If you’re not doing it for you, who are you doing it for, and is it really for them? So many times we think we are going others a favour at our own expense and really they could do without our ‘big help’. Food for thought. XO Miss Portmanteau

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      I love it!

  21. Perla says: Reply

    These are very advises and anyone could follow them, not matter if there are people who support them or not. I’m distancing myself from the people who don’t trust my abilities, I have neither something to prove or thank them.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      That’ right

  22. This is a great post and you ate absolutely right in saying that you should not let other people discourage you.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      That’s right! Thanks for reading my blog.

  23. Sadly we can not ever rely on people supporting us, rather, we have to be strong and support our own dreams and desires …..

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Correct! Thanks for dropping by

  24. You cannot please everyone in life.. so, enjoy your life.. and be confidence

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Yes self confidence is important to conquer your struggles.

  25. Sherry says: Reply

    thanks for this, I know yeah always believe in yourself.
    Enjoy your life no matter what, there’s up and down in life.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      That’s right! Keep it up!

  26. lina says: Reply

    really true….just be yourself..and enjoy ur life…

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thanks for reading my blog

  27. I agree with your list. We can’t let other people’s opinions stop us from pursuing our crafts and dreams. We just have to keep moving forward and focus on the present and future.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Move forward until we make our dreams come true! 😘

  28. Cheryl got suspended multiple times for swearing and fights and wasn’t very good at the work but yet she made a success of herself. Emma Blackery also didn’t get much out of school and now she’s about to launch her 2nd headline tour. Number 2 really relates to me. Time and time again I have called people friends who have then treated me like shit or not been there for me when I needed them. I have eliminated these people from my life FINALLY and now have a strong group of friends who support me whenever they can. I am really lucky to have this. I had a really bad moment with my mental health back in November and tried to harm myself and couldn’t trust anyone, not even my nurse or the university mental health team. I ended up breaking down and confiding in an old lecturer who used to teach me last year because I had been messaging her about something else the same day and she was so worried she made me give her my number so she could phone me the next week. If it wasn’t for her I would probably still be in that shitty place mentally and since then she has been there for me on multiple occasions and I now consider her a great friend. Also when my ex broke up with me last month a few of my new uni friends supported me through that. I have never been good at letting go of people who have treated me badly but I am getting better at it. And I definitely think its important to realise when you need support and when you can do it yourself so you don’t rely on someone too much then they let you down.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Aww thanks for knowing me your story! I am very glad that you have now support group. Just tell them if you feel bad and don’t keep it to yourself. But remember you will just tell it if you think that person can be trusted. Just don’t mind those people who keeps on pulling you down. At the end of the day, you will still shine and rise above! 😍

  29. I agree with all your points. This is such a great article, my friend would need this. Thank you for writing!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thanks for reading my blog!

  30. I agree. I do believe in myself.
    That make me don’t give up.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Good to hear that!

  31. Hui Ying Fong says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing!!!Make me feel positive now!!!Great post!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thank you!

  32. Blair villanueva says: Reply

    Most of the time, we should think that you are alone in an island and you need to survive on your own without support. This will make you stronger as a person. It is challenging, but worth it.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      That’s good to know! Just keep on doing it. You’ll never know what will happen to you next.

  33. Very interesting topic, I enjoy reading it. Thanks for the useful information.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thanks for reading my blog!

    2. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thanks Ivy! I’m glad you like it

  34. Thanks for the tips, we have to keep ourselves motivated and determined to achieve our goals no matter what it takes.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thank you for reading my blog kelly! Sorry for the late rely. Been so busy lately

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