American English Center: Don’t Speak Good, Speak Well!

I was once a black swan, living in the dark shadow. No goals or even a simple yet basic dream that a toddler has in mind, unlike me. I wasn’t even born with a golden silver spoon in my mouth, I am not a hypocrite but I’d wish—often times. I just don’t know where and how to start; I don’t even know who am I. Even my strength and weaknesses were too late to find out. As time goes by, things had changed. I can now prove to the universe that a millennial like me: Dreams big. Not just sitting under the tree, while waiting for the means to shower from above. Being influenced by the people that I am looking up to: makes me go on with my life. Looking back, series of downfall due to the decisions—that I added insult to injury. Being reckless to myself towards my goals, made me realized that I cannot get best of both worlds. With a thorough planning, consistency of improving in the areas that I am lacking at, and keeping myself motivated.


One of my goals: First, is to become a Blogger/Influencer that touches the heart of the millennial. With the recent issues that they’re going through; new places to explore outside the metro; giving ideas and shout out to the new food hangouts—that will make their taste buds happy. Last but not the least, to become a Radio Jockey. Why not? I love talking and connect with the people online/offline. But, how am I able to achieve it if I have grammar issues? Polishing every word coming from your mouth, which makes the content more understandable. I was planning to enroll in School again; good thing I was chosen by American English Center, I am completely thrilled upon hearing the news. It’s a great help for me in achieving my goals, to communicate and write better in a glossy paper/Digital. It empowers me as a Professional, with the communication skills that I needed for a Lifetime.


American English will help you out to build your confidence with their aim “Don’t speak good… Speak well,” philosophy.





Their office sent my classmates, to improve their writing and speaking skills before traveling abroad. They were offered a job overseas: as a requirement to pass the IELTS exam. With the help of American English, nothing is impossible.









I would like to thank our Instructor, for being so cool. We love this interactive way of teaching; it makes the lesson enjoyable and less tension. My first impression would be: that I will feel will anxious for expressing myself in English; it didn’t come to that point.




 Our Instructor prepared a lot of games; I’ve got a reward from winning twice! Hooray!

I know you guys wanted to improve your communication and writing skills more, most especially if you are a blogger like me, better enroll yourself to attract more brands! Time is money! Get a discount by using my code upon signing up! See you guys there!


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