Boybabs : The Ultimate Cripsy Lechon Belly in the Neighborhood

Being a Filipino, I truly patronized yet selective on what does our locals have to offer. Most especially on how creative they are in presenting the dish. How do they offer in the market and what do they do in every transition mainly holidays. Five months from now, we are excited to celebrate Christmas Eve with our beloved family. Each of us will be busy in preparing a feast or “where to order” to serve for our family. Pretty sure that you guys will request a roasted suckling pig right? Who doesn’t want to? Do you guys know where to buy that Crispy, Juicy and Tasty Lechon belly? Which is totally dissimilar from the previous you have tasted? Let me introduce to all of you.

The FAMOUS competitive small scale business “Boybabs ” became a hit after they served satisfied hundreds of customer with a tag line “Abot langit and sarap.. minsan lumalagpas pa!” Proven and Tested as I tasted all the dishes that were served to us. I closely saw on how each dish was being prepared. The cleanliness and the standard operating procedure was completely followed. Genuinely Boybabs exceeds the customer’s expectation by serving standard fresh fragrant taste with UNLIMITED rice that comes with it. Hooray!


Boybabs started as a take out store way back 2016 at Angono Rizal. When the owners realized that their product was patronized by the locals, they have decided to put up a dine-in store to cater Filipino foodies. Around 2016, several food parks opened and surprised the Filipino people with the creative concept. It gave an opening for them to give it a shot. In our modern century, people always want something “new” with its goal to experience good food, good time and with the good people!. The first dine-in store located at Food Deastrict, Cainta Rizal.

It displays how favored “The keatchen Food Park” is in Taytay Rizal (Along SM Taytay). As early as 3:30 pm people went along with their companion or family. It dedicates good business vibes to Boybabs as well. Congrats!



Roasted Boybabs Belly Rice is on top of my list! Look at the texture, the color is vibrant and it tastes flavorful. For the meantime, forget about your diet and don’t miss this appetizing meal!

My Mom’s choice: Mediterranean chicken Rice seasoned with garlic and own recipe sauce which was marinated overnight to catch the spice. Perfect match with the Mediterranean-ranch dressing that is “sweet and tasty”, with a slight herbal flavor. Since she is not allowed to eat pork, I am overjoyed that Boybabs have an alternative meal that she could savor eating with us. Bring in your granny here = )


Bring your barkada with you and try this clique meal # 2 specifically created for the foodies like us. These include freshly grilled barbecue, Crispy Lechon sisig,  mouth-watering grilled slabs and luscious Mediterranean chicken; and Four plates of huge serving yellow-colored rice. Don’t overthink because Rice is still UNLIMITED in this package.


This is how we deal with food temptation. Breathe in and walk away. Just kidding!

I brought along my family with me and it’s a yes for them! They will unquestionably come back even without me.




Here’s the entire list of their menu. So what are you waiting for? Tara!

My over all experience is 4.8 out of 5 stars. Thanks to the accommodating owner, Mr. John Frederick and to his friendly staffs for attending my concerns. I can’t wait to see Boybabs get their own space inside the mall and branch out to the numerous locations.  Hope you guys could reach out too soon to the people living outside Manila. How about Visayas, Mindanao branch? Why not? I can see a full potential as a Professional Marketer. Do you know what is their secret recipe? ” Stick with the fundamentals and it will lead you to greater success”, Mr. John had said.

Visit their nearest branches near you:

The keatchen Food Park

East Acropolis Gardens, Manila East Road Taytay Rizal

Backyard Eats Food Park

178 Manuel L. Quezon Ext, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

The Food Deastrict 

Lot 3 Block 3  Felix ave. corner Solivan II Cainta Rizal

Follow their official accounts:

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