Bubbleman dishwashing liquid: My Family’s Ultimate Choice


Hi guys! I hope all is well to everyone! Today is a lovely day and I am enjoying my hot green tea latte here at Bo’s Coffee: the newly opened industrial café in the neighborhood – In Eastwood City. It’s been weeks since the last time I posted a blog. My hands are full these past few days, and I can’t get my shit together. If we’re going through something pertaining to our family business—my concentration was absolutely affected; I felt a little terrified. Finally, I’ve decided to focus and work things out. Still, I have pending contents for the brands that I am working with; the clock is ticking; I should stop procrastinating and do it now!

So here it is! A new dishwashing liquid is already out in the market, which will make you and your momma happier. Why is that so? Check it out!



Presenting… “Bubble Man” the name itself can be easily remembered by any Filipino household. Have you guys tried a dishwashing liquid without getting your hand’s dry? I’ll give you more reasons. Good-bye to your dilapidated gloves!


  • Anti-Bacterial and gentle to your hands – You may use this as your hand wash soap: It won’t make your hands dry and millions of bacteria can wash-up. In short, no need to head your butt to Watsons and spend for a pricey bottle!


  • One drop makes it all! – I’ve tried only one drop of bubble man liquid soap to my wet sponge, in order to measure the quantity and quality of the plates being washed. Guess how many? It is for you to find out!


  • Cost-efficient – Why is that so? Personally, I’ve been spending so much for my cleaning aid: the price is not even a joke. I have two pets, I made sure that my place is presentable: well clean and odor free. Bubble man is meant to be your partner for your household needs. Can also be used for cleaning your washroom, floor, wall, and decorative pieces etc.


  • Kid-friendly – If you are being called a “Protective or Sigurista Mom”, by your colleagues then that is great! You are just doing your job as a responsible parent for your kid’s. You always want best and safe for your children. I recommend Bubble man as the cleaning agent—Toxic-Free and safe, for your kid’s toys.


With a Tagline “Love is Action”, the reasons I mentioned earlier: will make your family feel that they are being loved even more. Your care shows how important they are in your life by choosing the right brand. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now!


You may purchase Bubbleman in the selected stores:

Robinsons SuperMarket


The Landmark


Mercury drug



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