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  • ARRK Copenhagen: Not Your Usual Sneakers

    Are you looking for a street style sneaker that matches your daily casual wear? Not just that, a sneaker that underlines its simplicity and functionality—which could also be used in your expeditious meetings. We’ve been exploring around the metro on where to find a minimalist design that differentiates itself far from all ergonomic and dapper designs.



    After the long search and wait, a sought-after contemporary fashionable sneaker in abroad was brought here in the Philippines. A Scandinavian brand, which is sleek, comfy and ultra-luxe unaccustomed designs that you can’t root out in regular stores countrywide. ARRK Copenhagen recently surprised the Filipino people with aesthetic Nordic designs, inspired by Nordic minimalism and adoration to architecture. A top-tier brand was launched last October 7, 2017, at Sneak Peak— a premium and multi-brand concept store that exhibits limited edition and top-of-the-line lifestyle footwear and street fashion accessories— in Shangri-la Mall, Mandaluyong City.



    ARKK Copenhagen, founded in 2014 by two brilliant Danish nationals, who happens to have an extensive experience and passionate about high fashion, marketing, and business: Kasper Høj Rasmussen and Thomas Refdahl, a streetwear style fashion enthusiast. The source of inspiration is through travelling—by stepping outside from the usual routine and being exposed to new cultures, places, and people—in creating an amazing footwear. In just span of two years, it became marketable and has reached thousands of street style shoppers because of its practical wearability— some of them use in runway shows— in 36 countries at exclusive retailers, all over the globe.


    Their latest trendy collection is Raven line: Eaglezero, a design with sock-like entry point with a subtle geometric pattern; Spygon gives you off a sensation of extreme lightness; Pythron was remarked for its cutting-edge yet undeniably simple design. ARRK Copenhagen is made with simple patterns and complexity, and comes from unique colors—Earth hues, mostly. Even if you have a high sense of fashion, in these designs, you can wear almost anything.





    To all sneaker fans, I know this is what you are waiting for. Sneak peek indeed never bring us down in offering quality footgear that matches our lifestyle and daily use. Head yourself onto Sneak Peek branches: Uptown mall and Shangri-la Plaza Mall

    ARRK Copenhagen is designed to see how good they feel—Equip your feet.


    More photos:




    Thank you for the lovely sneakers!

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  • Misters of Filipinas 2017: New kings named





    Hail to the new kings! Finally, the hardships and struggles of the candidates were finally over! After months of searching for the deserving candidates here in the Philippines and from the Filipino-community abroad, the most-awaited event was held last September 30, 2017 at the Manila’s stylish social venue—One Esplanade in Pasay City. It was really a tough competition and even the judges had difficulties in selecting a candidate who will bring honor to their respective Hometown. We were all excited to hear the results for those who will compete in an International pageant. All of the contestants were very competitive and gave their utmost best shot. Many of them bagged numerous awards.


    Out of the 24 candidates, only 6 gentlemen were crowned to compete and upgrade themselves to version 2.0 for International pageants. The criteria for judging were based on physique, which is 35 percent; looks is 35 percent as well and wit is 30 percent.


    Our Mister International 2017 is Raven Renz Lansangan, a representative from Mabalacat Pampanga. He is 18 years old and currently a student and is enrolled at Holy Angel University. He also won several awards such as Mr. Skin Philisophie 2017 and Best in Ethnic costume. We asked him on how would he be able to inspire the Filipino youth, “By raising awareness to be active and be responsible in the community by reaching out to the people and to share the love,” he said.


    The following accolades were given to Clint Peralta, Misters of Filipinas 2017 -Man of the World 2017; Yves Campos, Misters of Filipinas 2017 – Supranational; Rubi Kust, Misters of Filipinas 2017 – Man of the Year; Carlo Pasion, Misters of Filipinas 2017 – Ocean; Ion Perez, Misters of Filipinas 2017, Tourism. As per Mr. Galang, He was happy with this year’s batch and he can’t wait to see the titleholder’s strong nudge to be up in every challenge and making sure that our country’s colors are flying high in their respective international competitions.


    Yves Campos, from the Filipino-Community of Hawaii and became best-loved of the crowd because of his killer smile and has a resemblance to former local actor, Cogie Domingo. In addition to that, Campos shared his plans after winning the title as Mr. Supranational 2017.

    “First of all, I would like to thank all the supporters and the people behind this pageant. I will request to the management if I could go back to Hawaii for the meantime, to fix some important matters and be back here, and ready myself for the upcoming opportunities,” Campos said.

    The high-spirited model and Cosmo hunk, Clint Peralta, shares his experience during the pageant. “ I was honestly nervous during the Q&A portion. But, upon hearing the cheer and excitement from the crowd after my name was called, which gave me strong will and confidence to win, and bring home the title to my Hometown in Camsur,” Peralta said. We’ve seen him in a various print ad and TVC as well and this Latvian/Filipino hunk candidate is a registered nurse as his Profession.

    Each of the Candidates had an impressive performance and honors were given as well. The first runner-up went to Jonathan Maniquis of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. Meanwhile, John Joseph Hipolito from Filipino-Community in Italy awarded as 2nd runner-up. There are also special awards given to the chosen candidate. Winners were Ion Perez, Best in Swimwear, Mr. Elevacione, and Mr. Critical Beauty Award; Van Ramos, Gold lift Production choice, and Mr. David Salon; Carlo Passion, Mr. Anytime Fitness, Mr. Talent, and Missosology Choice Award; Clint Peralta, Mr. Photogenic, Best in Formal Wear, and People’s CChoiceAward; Yves Campos, Mr. Coco Line; Jonathan Maniquis, Mr. Congeniality; Andrei Aroda, Mr. Trendsetter; and Rubi Kust, Mr. Personality.

    Misters of Filipinas is an Eye Opener to the gentlemen who joined the pageant. It made them a better person— more mature and responsible. And became a leading example to the youth to never stop dreaming. It is a privilege for them to represent our country, and bring honor and pride to the Filipino community. In a span of 5 years, the Misters of Filipinas has produced two titleholders in an International pageant—Neil Perez won as Mr. International held in Korea and Karan Singhdole for Man of the year 2016. It only shows how talented and effective their training was to be able to win in this competition.

    Two more misters from Batch 2016 are slated to compete internationally—Vicent Jarina and Cj Querol, is set to make our country proud at the 2017 Mr. Ocean competition and 2017 Mister Universe Tourism. For the recent Top 6 titleholders, you guys had shown an amazing job. You have our full support on your future International competition. Job well done! Congratulations!






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  • Misters of Filipinas 2017: Elevating The Philippine Male Pageant Scene


    Last September, the official candidates of Misters of Filipinas 2017 were formally presented to the members of media at Matrix Events Venue in Quezon City. It was an honor to be invited and witness the candidates who wanted to make a change and contribute to our society.

    Prime Events Production Phil’s (PEPPS) produced the event and has been in the industry for 5 magnificent years. According to Mr. Galang, the President of PEPPS, it may not seem entirely smooth because there were some roadblocks along the way; this year’s batch proves that it is going to be stronger. After months of casting calls all over the country –including Filipino communities abroad, the long search is finally over. These men came from different backgrounds— as a model, student, host and other professions. The candidates have strong desires to win the title and represent the Philippines. They are well trained to be dedicated to competing in various international male pageants to become the next Neil Perez (Mister International) and Karan Singhdole (Man of the Year 2016).

    Each of us prepared a series of questions for the Q&A sessions. I chose candidate #8 Mr. Hawaii, Yves Campos and candidate # 7, Mr. Germany, Rubi Kust by asking “What current policy would you want to change?” Both of their answers were related to corruption. They clearly explained why their idea could help our nation be better. The official candidates were able to answer promptly. It only shows that they were trained well through activities that develop their character and social awareness.

    We were then asked to vote for our favorite bet based on the result of Q&A sessions , and by how they model on the runway wearing the designer’s Mister’s shirt, resort wear, and swimwear by Limuel Rosos. Out of 24 Official candidates, the Media’s Choice at the culmination of the event was Carlo Passion of Laoag City. I also got the chance to interview one of them and asked what their long-term plans are after the competition. Some of them might enter showbiz or continue their modelling career but will never forget to prioritize their advocacy: reaching out to the people.

    According to Mr. Galang, it is merely important that the candidates must become a positive role model to their communities and country. Which is why the slogan of Misters of Filipinas and Man of the World is “Masculinity with Responsibility”. It’s not just having a gorgeous body and handsome face, but they should develop a sense of community as they evolve in becoming the best versions of themselves in order to contribute to the society. Each of the candidates has their own stories but all became successful with their endeavors.

    The official candidates had their photoshoot for both swimwear and fashion wear by one of the most influential celebrity photographer, David Fabros. Competitors had their first exposure in fashion photography. The candidates got to showcase their modeling skills in their swimwear by Raymond Saldana. We can’t wait to see them wear their designer suits on the Finals Night! There will also be upcoming activities such as fitness challenges, ethnic costume competition and so on.

    We would like to thank the sponsors for making this event possible. We are all excited who among the official candidates will make the mark and be hailed as “Misters of Filipinas 2017”.

    Watch the Misters of Filipinas 2017 Grand Coronation Night on September 30, 2017 at 6:00 pm, at the One Esplanade, Pasay City.











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  • American English Center: Don’t Speak Good, Speak Well!

    I was once a black swan, living in the dark shadow. No goals or even a simple yet basic dream that a toddler has in mind, unlike me. I wasn’t even born with a golden silver spoon in my mouth, I am not a hypocrite but I’d wish—often times. I just don’t know where and how to start; I don’t even know who am I. Even my strength and weaknesses were too late to find out. As time goes by, things had changed. I can now prove to the universe that a millennial like me: Dreams big. Not just sitting under the tree, while waiting for the means to shower from above. Being influenced by the people that I am looking up to: makes me go on with my life. Looking back, series of downfall due to the decisions—that I added insult to injury. Being reckless to myself towards my goals, made me realized that I cannot get best of both worlds. With a thorough planning, consistency of improving in the areas that I am lacking at, and keeping myself motivated.


    One of my goals: First, is to become a Blogger/Influencer that touches the heart of the millennial. With the recent issues that they’re going through; new places to explore outside the metro; giving ideas and shout out to the new food hangouts—that will make their taste buds happy. Last but not the least, to become a Radio Jockey. Why not? I love talking and connect with the people online/offline. But, how am I able to achieve it if I have grammar issues? Polishing every word coming from your mouth, which makes the content more understandable. I was planning to enroll in School again; good thing I was chosen by American English Center, I am completely thrilled upon hearing the news. It’s a great help for me in achieving my goals, to communicate and write better in a glossy paper/Digital. It empowers me as a Professional, with the communication skills that I needed for a Lifetime.


    American English will help you out to build your confidence with their aim “Don’t speak good… Speak well,” philosophy.





    Their office sent my classmates, to improve their writing and speaking skills before traveling abroad. They were offered a job overseas: as a requirement to pass the IELTS exam. With the help of American English, nothing is impossible.









    I would like to thank our Instructor, for being so cool. We love this interactive way of teaching; it makes the lesson enjoyable and less tension. My first impression would be: that I will feel will anxious for expressing myself in English; it didn’t come to that point.




     Our Instructor prepared a lot of games; I’ve got a reward from winning twice! Hooray!

    I know you guys wanted to improve your communication and writing skills more, most especially if you are a blogger like me, better enroll yourself to attract more brands! Time is money! Get a discount by using my code upon signing up! See you guys there!


    Check out their website:


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  • Bubbleman dishwashing liquid: My Family’s Ultimate Choice


    Hi guys! I hope all is well to everyone! Today is a lovely day and I am enjoying my hot green tea latte here at Bo’s Coffee: the newly opened industrial café in the neighborhood – In Eastwood City. It’s been weeks since the last time I posted a blog. My hands are full these past few days, and I can’t get my shit together. If we’re going through something pertaining to our family business—my concentration was absolutely affected; I felt a little terrified. Finally, I’ve decided to focus and work things out. Still, I have pending contents for the brands that I am working with; the clock is ticking; I should stop procrastinating and do it now!

    So here it is! A new dishwashing liquid is already out in the market, which will make you and your momma happier. Why is that so? Check it out!



    Presenting… “Bubble Man” the name itself can be easily remembered by any Filipino household. Have you guys tried a dishwashing liquid without getting your hand’s dry? I’ll give you more reasons. Good-bye to your dilapidated gloves!


    • Anti-Bacterial and gentle to your hands – You may use this as your hand wash soap: It won’t make your hands dry and millions of bacteria can wash-up. In short, no need to head your butt to Watsons and spend for a pricey bottle!


    • One drop makes it all! – I’ve tried only one drop of bubble man liquid soap to my wet sponge, in order to measure the quantity and quality of the plates being washed. Guess how many? It is for you to find out!


    • Cost-efficient – Why is that so? Personally, I’ve been spending so much for my cleaning aid: the price is not even a joke. I have two pets, I made sure that my place is presentable: well clean and odor free. Bubble man is meant to be your partner for your household needs. Can also be used for cleaning your washroom, floor, wall, and decorative pieces etc.


    • Kid-friendly – If you are being called a “Protective or Sigurista Mom”, by your colleagues then that is great! You are just doing your job as a responsible parent for your kid’s. You always want best and safe for your children. I recommend Bubble man as the cleaning agent—Toxic-Free and safe, for your kid’s toys.


    With a Tagline “Love is Action”, the reasons I mentioned earlier: will make your family feel that they are being loved even more. Your care shows how important they are in your life by choosing the right brand. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now!


    You may purchase Bubbleman in the selected stores:

    Robinsons SuperMarket


    The Landmark


    Mercury drug



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  • Mesa Moderne Filipino Cuisine- Ayala 30th Mall Ortigas City

    It is an honor to be invited to a notable restaurant here in Manila along with my co-bloggers who shares the same passion as mine. Mesa 3oth Restaurant is known as the “ Filipino Moderne Cuisine” by the locals. When you dine at Mesa, you’ll feel right at home even better.  They innovated traditional Filipino dishes with a gratifying twist, which is patronized and appreciated more by the Filipino people. It has been the first stop of some the foreigners who visit here in the Philippines; Just to try and taste the authentic Filipino dishes.




    I’ve known Mesa  since my High school days with some convenient branches and became an instant favorite of my Mother whenever we go around to shop in the Mall. However, I would urge that you better visit their newly opened branch at Ayala 30th mall in the heart of Ortigas City.The ambiance is inviting, warm yellowish light, and classy modern theme designed. The design was  “Tropical Modern Filipino” based accordingly in our culture.  It was franchised by Mr. Mag Magno and her Partner Ms. Marie Vivienne Abelador who also owns Singaporean brand food stop “Sedap” in Food Park Marikina. Wondering why it is called “Mesa 30th”? Did you know that their branch is already their 30th? Same as the name of the mall “Ayala 30th”? What a coincidence right? Isn’t amazing?

    Since I am a “Certified Foodie” and here are my personal picks:

    If you want to stimulate your appetite, try this!


    Tinapa Roll wrapped in Lettuce Php 340

    Every time we dine here in Mesa, My mom would always request Tinapa roll as her personal choice. Even today, Tinapa roll is my favorite because it is so healthy to eat. I love how the smoke tinapa was wrapped with salted egg, fresh lettuce and lumpia wrapper.

    Scrumptious entrée course:


    Crispy Boneless Pata Php 505

    This is my ultimate favorite! I told myself that I  won’t eat pork unless you’ll serve “Crispy Pata” right on the table. The meat is juicy and tender as usual. At first glance, You will have a hard time to resist on it.



    Sisig in a Pouch Php 190

    My presentiment on this that this one looks like a “Fried dim-sum”. When I tasted it, I told myself Ooops! I think this one is sisig! It’s so tasty and not oily, unlike other sisig that I’ve tried. Look how experimental they are in presenting the dish; the overall look was based on a Filipino traditional game called “Sipa” during our childhood days


    Pinatayong Manok Php 415

    “ Pinatayong Manok”  The food server will ask you to carve right at your table. The tasty roasted chicken is juicy and tender underneath. A choice for the people who only eat white meat and sea food. It also provides protein that is lower in fat and calories.



    Inihaw sampler Php 725

    Looking for group sharing? Mesa has an Inihaw sampler that you can revel in with your friends or family.

    More mouthwatering dishes you must try!


    Boneless Patatim Php 515


    Bagoong Rice 165


    Crispy Boneless Tilapia served with four sauces Php 340



    My chosen beverage:


    Lychee cooler Php 85

    I desired to try the Lychee shake and it was invigorating! My co- bloggers tried the singkamas flavor and it tastes good as per them. And I felt so envy that I should have tried that one too! Will definitely go back to try it out!


    Would you relish your food without these enticements?


    Crispy Leche Flan 75

    I was wondering at first how does a crispy leche flan look like? in as much as we have been eating a usual leche flan whenever there’s an instance.The sweet and smooth caramel flavor drizzled over the crispy leche flan. This one is completely different and a way better!


    Barako coffee Jello 85

    Halo-Halo Php 130

    Flat lay view

    Selected Bloggers/ Influencers to try out Filipino dishes with a twist

     How can I finish all these delectable and savory dishes? Just kidding!

    My overall experience is 5 out of 5 stars. The food is really amazing and flavorful. The price is reasonable and the serving is quite big which is good for sharing. It feels good that the food servers are all attentive with our request. The place is big enough to accommodate “Filipino foodies” and foreign visitors. When we arrived, the food was served in less than 15 mins that’s how fast their servers are. I’ve been eating foreign dishes lately but Filipino recipe truly captures my heart.

    In need of spacious private space for your meetings or gatherings? Call them for more details!


    Follow their official accounts:



    Thank you, Mesa!


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  • Boybabs : The Ultimate Cripsy Lechon Belly in the Neighborhood

    Being a Filipino, I truly patronized yet selective on what does our locals have to offer. Most especially on how creative they are in presenting the dish. How do they offer in the market and what do they do in every transition mainly holidays. Five months from now, we are excited to celebrate Christmas Eve with our beloved family. Each of us will be busy in preparing a feast or “where to order” to serve for our family. Pretty sure that you guys will request a roasted suckling pig right? Who doesn’t want to? Do you guys know where to buy that Crispy, Juicy and Tasty Lechon belly? Which is totally dissimilar from the previous you have tasted? Let me introduce to all of you.

    The FAMOUS competitive small scale business “Boybabs ” became a hit after they served satisfied hundreds of customer with a tag line “Abot langit and sarap.. minsan lumalagpas pa!” Proven and Tested as I tasted all the dishes that were served to us. I closely saw on how each dish was being prepared. The cleanliness and the standard operating procedure was completely followed. Genuinely Boybabs exceeds the customer’s expectation by serving standard fresh fragrant taste with UNLIMITED rice that comes with it. Hooray!


    Boybabs started as a take out store way back 2016 at Angono Rizal. When the owners realized that their product was patronized by the locals, they have decided to put up a dine-in store to cater Filipino foodies. Around 2016, several food parks opened and surprised the Filipino people with the creative concept. It gave an opening for them to give it a shot. In our modern century, people always want something “new” with its goal to experience good food, good time and with the good people!. The first dine-in store located at Food Deastrict, Cainta Rizal.

    It displays how favored “The keatchen Food Park” is in Taytay Rizal (Along SM Taytay). As early as 3:30 pm people went along with their companion or family. It dedicates good business vibes to Boybabs as well. Congrats!



    Roasted Boybabs Belly Rice is on top of my list! Look at the texture, the color is vibrant and it tastes flavorful. For the meantime, forget about your diet and don’t miss this appetizing meal!

    My Mom’s choice: Mediterranean chicken Rice seasoned with garlic and own recipe sauce which was marinated overnight to catch the spice. Perfect match with the Mediterranean-ranch dressing that is “sweet and tasty”, with a slight herbal flavor. Since she is not allowed to eat pork, I am overjoyed that Boybabs have an alternative meal that she could savor eating with us. Bring in your granny here = )


    Bring your barkada with you and try this clique meal # 2 specifically created for the foodies like us. These include freshly grilled barbecue, Crispy Lechon sisig,  mouth-watering grilled slabs and luscious Mediterranean chicken; and Four plates of huge serving yellow-colored rice. Don’t overthink because Rice is still UNLIMITED in this package.


    This is how we deal with food temptation. Breathe in and walk away. Just kidding!

    I brought along my family with me and it’s a yes for them! They will unquestionably come back even without me.




    Here’s the entire list of their menu. So what are you waiting for? Tara!

    My over all experience is 4.8 out of 5 stars. Thanks to the accommodating owner, Mr. John Frederick and to his friendly staffs for attending my concerns. I can’t wait to see Boybabs get their own space inside the mall and branch out to the numerous locations.  Hope you guys could reach out too soon to the people living outside Manila. How about Visayas, Mindanao branch? Why not? I can see a full potential as a Professional Marketer. Do you know what is their secret recipe? ” Stick with the fundamentals and it will lead you to greater success”, Mr. John had said.

    Visit their nearest branches near you:

    The keatchen Food Park

    East Acropolis Gardens, Manila East Road Taytay Rizal

    Backyard Eats Food Park

    178 Manuel L. Quezon Ext, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

    The Food Deastrict 

    Lot 3 Block 3  Felix ave. corner Solivan II Cainta Rizal

    Follow their official accounts:



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  • Sedap: The Supreme Singaporean Authentic Asian Taste

    According to the statistics, that 80% of the locals are into Asian cuisine most likely Singaporean and Malaysian food. If you are a traveler like me and been missing the authentic taste of Singaporean/Malaysian food. You don’t need to worry! Instead of breaking your bank and flying back, it is now here in the Philippines!.

    Sedap is the first authentic Singaporean/Malaysian food that was brought here in the Phils.  Heads up to the Chef Ms. Marie Vivienne Abelador (Owner of Mesa Restaurant at Ayala 30th & Rancho Maria located in Palawan) and Mr. Bien Magno (Co-Owner of Mesa Restaurant and Topside Diner) for bringing home the authentic taste here in our beloved country.  With it’s imported ingredients and spices, fresh from Singapore, that makes every dish more tasteful and vibrant.


    Sambal Sotong is an ohhh lala dish for me!I love how spicy it is! But you may ask them to adjust the level of spiciness according to your distinctive sharp taste. The sambal paste that was mixed made of dried chilies, minced garlic and shallots add fragrance to the dish. This is highly recommended for those who love the spicy based course.


    Pedas kepah is a huge serving of mussels in a stir fry way with crushed garlic, chilli paste and other spices which were innovated than the usual local dish that we have.



    Hainanese chicken is a light meal paired with a soup and side dish. Considered as a “Healthy Choice” because the oil from the chicken was extracted during the poaching process. Perfectly served with luscious rice along with chili dipping sauce, minced ginger, and garlic.It differs from the other restaurants that I’ve tried. After I tasted, I could freaking shout to the world that this recipe is to die for!



    Ayam Nasi Goreng is a special grilled chicken which was marinated overnight using a special soy sauce & seasonings and the partnered with chicken rice and fried egg.

    Pedas Udang is definitely one of my favorite and compliments with a cinnamon shot if you just want to experience a chill night. The sambal paste, a spicy aroma that is put together tastes more authentic and makes you want even more. I love it how it was decorated with cucumber slices.



    Bah-kuh-teh  is a stewed pork with rice. Gently simmered in both broth and spices for hours. The meat was served is tender and well- braised.  The herbs and spices, plus the mushroom that was added contributed to its stronger flavor.



    This is how they sip the broth in Singapore. The peppery and a little sweet taste is damn worth it! Totally comforting during the rainy season.



    The above photo and everyone’s comfort food is Crispchon. However, It was served differently because the skin, and meat was wrapped in a malunggay wrapper with wansoy & cucumber. A healthier way of eating Lechon as they ripped off the fat. They serve 200grams per serving and good for sharing! Not bad at all!



    You may order this whole Crispchon that is made constrastive than the traditional in the locality which result aesthetically pleasing.

    So guys I know you feel so hungry right now and your eyes definitely drooling upon seeing Crispchon! This is a highly recommendable place for an Asian food lover just like me. For those peeps living near Marikina, This place is an airy, relaxing and comforting vibe which is perfect for a group hang out and to de-stress ourselves away from work. Sedap is located inside of the well-known food park in Marikina called “Food Trip”. One of the Sedap owners co-owns the food park. They went extra mile to put up a creative venture like this. I’m speechless!  Take note! The hard working Chef has resided in Singapore for a long time, so she knows how to catch the authentic taste!

    So what are you waiting for? Pack up your things and bring yourself to experience a one-of-a-kind Singaporean genuine cuisine!

    Follow their official account for more updates:


    # 5 Guerilla Street corner, Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue
    Marikina City

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  • Talk of the town: The cutest café in the Philippines’ finally opens its doors!

    It is an honor to be invited to this special event where anyone would definitely love to be part of. My heart freaked out after hearing the news. If you are a Sanrio fan and have been collecting their stuff since childhood like me, dreaming of a Sanrio paradise –the long wait is finally over!



    Hello Kitty Café finally opened their first branch in the Philippines at the Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City Taguig. Everyone knows that Sanrio is the Global Lifestyle Brand best known for pop icon Hello Kitty. One of the Café owners, Kristine Del Rosario said “Our first Hello kitty flagship here in the Philippines will bring so much Joy to the Filipino people”. The VIP Launch was attended by the star-studded celebrities including the the country’s most admired love team  James Reid and Nadine Lustre, Marian and Dingdong Dantes with their daughter Zia, Maricel Laxa, Lea Salonga, Dawn Zulueta, Sam Milby, Mari Jasmin, Alodia Gosiengfao and many more. Celebrity parents brought their kids along to celebrate and enjoy the day with their favorite icon. The event was hosted by no other than the Gonzaga sisters, Toni and Alex Gonzaga. Their witty and energetic duo made the audience enjoy all throughout the event. Amazing performances that made the event more amusing was by Julie Ann San Jose, Daryl Ong and Emmanuelle Vera.

    Hosted by Toni Gonzaga-Soriano and Alex Gonzaga

    Spotted : Sam Milby, Mari Jasmin and  Dawn Zulueta

    Alodia Gosiengfiao

    Our refreshing and decorative welcome drinks

    The café welcomes customers with its bold character graphics. With its white and pink trademark, Hello Kitty cafe defines their interior powerful displays as vibrant and playful. I was actually surprised by its cozy, relaxed vibe and overall Sanrio Paradise-like ambiance. Its aesthetic chic fixtures are all adorable which adds a signature to their brand. As they serve the food, we could not contain our joy because everything was just too cute to eat! Hello Kitty Cafe is known for their creative, character-inspired plated dish which is definitely one of the many things that make it special. Have you ever seen a pink pasta? Only Hello Kitty café has that! The dishes were so playfully entailed with various bold flavors all at the same time. And hey! They are all too cute and Instagram-worthy!


    Croque Madame

    Smoke Salmon and Creme



    Creamy Pink Carbonara

    On the menu were the refreshing colorful drinks such as passion fruit Iced Tea and Blue Lemonade (which I personally thought were cocktails). A curated kid friendly drinks that the celebrity kids loved! Their signature mouthwatering smoothies (Oreo, Matcha and Strawberry) creatively styled. If you are an ultimate cheese lover, you MUST try their Croque Madam, I can say it’s sure to melt your hearts! There was also a sumptuous Ham Sandwich enveloped by a Melted Pink Ricotta cheese with a healthy side salad and a decorative Hello Kitty shape cucumber. How can I not mention the unique Creamy Pink Carbonara, a pink creamy pasta topped crunchy bacon bits, sweetened ham slices and a Hello Kitty poached egg.








    Hello Kitty café offers freshly made pastries daily specifically made for the café. Including adorable delicious sprinkled covered cake, tarts, sugar cookies such as Biscuss, a combination of a biscuit and a cookie combined together, that is soft squidgy and filled with either a strawberry or mocha filling topped with fresh fruits and frosting. The cheesecake is on top of our list, sprinkled with white chocolate and covered with candy flavor They also have soup such as Roasted pumpkin and mushroom with truffles. Everything was just exquisite!



    Hardworking peeps from Scene Zone Magazine

    This is not the first time that the Hello Kitty Café gave its customer a complete dining experience. They recently had a pop-up café at SM North Edsa and served hundreds of Sanrio fans. That gave them a strong nudge to open up a permanent space.

    Hello Kitty Café is not only committed in serving high-quality food but also bringing a small gift to their patrons—a big smile philosophy. I had such fun in this event. I am totally speechless on my incredible experience. Thumbs up for the delicious meals and friendly staffs! I will definitely go back and bring along my friends and family who are huge Hello Kitty fans!


    Thank you Hello Kitty Cafe for this yummy cake!

    To all Sanrio fans, please visit Hello Kitty Café at Uptown Mall BGC and experience the café’s flavorful and creative dishes designed for every Hello Kitty lover—and even those who just wants to go down memory lane to their childhood.

    Thank you for having me in this wonderful event! Ciao!

    Some photos photographed by Sylver Sy

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  • Sun Life Asset Management: Make it Mutual

    I am truly honored that I was invited by Sun Life Asset Management to witness a life changing event for us Millennials. This product that was launched is for the benefit of the young adults who have hopes and dreams.  As a millennial, we have several dreams like dream vacation, house, car etc. We thought that if we actually save money, we can make things happen. But is that really enough? Is saving our money in our bank is enough in reaching our life goals?

    Sun life Asset Management encourages Millennials to plan and invest for their better future. Matteo Guidicelli, Sun life celebrity endorser teaches us in his vlog on how to achieve our life goals. As per Matteo, Your goals + a trusted partner = Achievement unlocked! #MakeitMutual with Sun life!








    Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa and Celebrity Endorser Matteo Guidicelli


    Why investing in “Mutual Fund” is relevant? Because we can beat inflation and we can grow our money even more!. Matteo even said that, He’s been in sun Life for more than three years and it truly shows that the portion of his earnings  is growing and he’s been very well in achieving his goals.

    “I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead another financial literacy campaign for SLAMCI. It’s definitely relevant and timely.”  Matteo said.  ” I myself have life goals I’d like to pursue, and I’m happy to share that ever since I made it mutual”  with SLAMCI, I’ve been well on my way to achieving all those goals. It would be great if more Filipino can experience the same. ”

    The company is committed to helping more Filipinos discover the benefits of investing so they may reap its rewards. As a blogger and a millennial, I’ve discovered  the benefits of investing in mutual fund and I am also interested in getting one for myself and for my family.


    So what are you waiting for? Visit their office and a Financial advisor will assist you!


    Website: http://www.sunlife.com/