Konnichi-Wow: Free Trip To Japan 1st Raffle Winner Press Release

TravelBook.ph announces first Trip to Japan winner


TravelBook.ph, the leading online travel agency in the Philippines, announced on their official Facebook page today their first Konnichi-WOW promo winner. Erwin Sarmiento from Quezon City is set to have an all-expenses paid trip to Japan.

Sarmiento’s prize is inclusive of round trip plane tickets, free hotel accommodation, and pocket money. He also has the option to bring one companion to his trip.

The Konnichi-WOW raffle draw was held last April 11, 2017 with the supervision of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Representative Rhoda Sevillino and Travelbook.ph Business Planning and Market Strategy Officer Mary Angeli Pasquin.

Sarmiento is the first of the three winners of TravelBook.ph’s Konnichi-WOW promo. The said promo was launched last March 10 in celebration of the company’s fourth anniversary and continues until May 31, 2017. Two more winners will be announced on May and June 2017 respectively.

Interested travelers can still join the next raffle draw simply by booking their next hotel accommodation through the TravelBook.ph website or the TravelBook.ph mobile app available in Android and iOS.


For more details about the promo, read the full mechanics here.

Enjoy your summer staycation with TravelBook.ph! Book now! #TravelBookPH  #TravelMore


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  1. Ravi says: Reply

    Sounds good..Am gone to share this with my friends.

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply


  2. I am most definitely trying this! Wooow! Thanks for the heads up! 😊

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thank you! This is a lucky chance for everyone!

  3. Deepika says: Reply

    Wow! An all expense paid trip, it’s a dream come true. Thanks very much for this info Danica 👍🏻

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      The guy is so lucky!

  4. This is awesome! I can’t wait to be able to visit Japan. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thanks for reading my blog!

  5. Liyana says: Reply

    Oh my…aren’t those lucky winners truly LUCKY! I wish I could a chance like that!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      I wish that too! = )

  6. never been to japan yet. but the sakura’s are really pretty

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      It is!

  7. The prize is awesome, dream trip to Japan. And the best part is pocket money!!☺

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      it is! Lucky he is! Pocket money is such a big help in buying their souvenirs and trying the famous food stop across the city!

  8. Wow he’s so lucky for winning that Japan trip! I wish I was as lucky as him too! I never win in raffles and giveaways! *cries*

    xo, http://www.wanderingella.com

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      There’s an upcoming giveaway! so stay tune!

  9. Wow I wish to win a free trip also. all the best

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Thanks sunshine!

  10. Makes me wish I lived in the Phillipines! x

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      It is more fun living here! So many perks!

  11. Annika says: Reply

    This sounds like a great prize. Thanks for the info!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      thanks for stopping by my blog, looking forward to reading yours!!

  12. Helene says: Reply

    Such a great chance! Japan and Tokyo is on my travel bucket list!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      me too!

  13. Thanks for this post – I’ll give this a try! Would be wonderful X

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      You should! There is a pocket money too once you win the prize!

  14. Kintan says: Reply

    Wow….this is great trip winning. Congrats to the winner. What a lucky one to win this a awesome trip. 🙂

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Yes he is!

  15. Wbkapsn trip , that’s so cool ! Unwise I had the chance to win it 🙂

  16. Japan is one my dream destinations! Very lucky guy!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Me too!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Truly amazing!

  17. Julie says: Reply

    Omg! Japan sounds amazing! I’ll def look into this:)

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      Stay tuned for more updates!

  18. Emily says: Reply

    This would be a dream trip – I’m so jealous!
    Emily xx

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      My dream trip too!

  19. Jasmin N says: Reply

    Oh that’s cool! Congrats on him! 🙂

  20. Nora says: Reply

    Oh wow! Sounds amazing. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Japan. An all-inclusive free trip there would be even better! 🙂

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      There will be another free trip! so stay tune!

  21. Emma Jayne says: Reply

    I would love to win a free trip to Japan!
    Emma x

  22. Maikel says: Reply

    That sounds so amazing I would love to go there one day

  23. Sabine says: Reply

    What a great trip to win! Must be an amazing price. Lucky winners indeed!

    1. Danix Gee says: Reply

      There will be another surprise! Stay tune!

  24. Sounds good, will share this with my friends.

  25. Emily says: Reply

    Oh wow, congrats to the lucky winner! Don’t I wish I was the one going on the all-expenses paid Japan trip??

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