Mesa Moderne Filipino Cuisine- Ayala 30th Mall Ortigas City

It is an honor to be invited to a notable restaurant here in Manila along with my co-bloggers who shares the same passion as mine. Mesa 3oth Restaurant is known as the “ Filipino Moderne Cuisine” by the locals. When you dine at Mesa, you’ll feel right at home even better.  They innovated traditional Filipino dishes with a gratifying twist, which is patronized and appreciated more by the Filipino people. It has been the first stop of some the foreigners who visit here in the Philippines; Just to try and taste the authentic Filipino dishes.




I’ve known Mesa  since my High school days with some convenient branches and became an instant favorite of my Mother whenever we go around to shop in the Mall. However, I would urge that you better visit their newly opened branch at Ayala 30th mall in the heart of Ortigas City.The ambiance is inviting, warm yellowish light, and classy modern theme designed. The design was  “Tropical Modern Filipino” based accordingly in our culture.  It was franchised by Mr. Mag Magno and her Partner Ms. Marie Vivienne Abelador who also owns Singaporean brand food stop “Sedap” in Food Park Marikina. Wondering why it is called “Mesa 30th”? Did you know that their branch is already their 30th? Same as the name of the mall “Ayala 30th”? What a coincidence right? Isn’t amazing?

Since I am a “Certified Foodie” and here are my personal picks:

If you want to stimulate your appetite, try this!


Tinapa Roll wrapped in Lettuce Php 340

Every time we dine here in Mesa, My mom would always request Tinapa roll as her personal choice. Even today, Tinapa roll is my favorite because it is so healthy to eat. I love how the smoke tinapa was wrapped with salted egg, fresh lettuce and lumpia wrapper.

Scrumptious entrée course:


Crispy Boneless Pata Php 505

This is my ultimate favorite! I told myself that I  won’t eat pork unless you’ll serve “Crispy Pata” right on the table. The meat is juicy and tender as usual. At first glance, You will have a hard time to resist on it.



Sisig in a Pouch Php 190

My presentiment on this that this one looks like a “Fried dim-sum”. When I tasted it, I told myself Ooops! I think this one is sisig! It’s so tasty and not oily, unlike other sisig that I’ve tried. Look how experimental they are in presenting the dish; the overall look was based on a Filipino traditional game called “Sipa” during our childhood days


Pinatayong Manok Php 415

“ Pinatayong Manok”  The food server will ask you to carve right at your table. The tasty roasted chicken is juicy and tender underneath. A choice for the people who only eat white meat and sea food. It also provides protein that is lower in fat and calories.



Inihaw sampler Php 725

Looking for group sharing? Mesa has an Inihaw sampler that you can revel in with your friends or family.

More mouthwatering dishes you must try!


Boneless Patatim Php 515


Bagoong Rice 165


Crispy Boneless Tilapia served with four sauces Php 340



My chosen beverage:


Lychee cooler Php 85

I desired to try the Lychee shake and it was invigorating! My co- bloggers tried the singkamas flavor and it tastes good as per them. And I felt so envy that I should have tried that one too! Will definitely go back to try it out!


Would you relish your food without these enticements?


Crispy Leche Flan 75

I was wondering at first how does a crispy leche flan look like? in as much as we have been eating a usual leche flan whenever there’s an instance.The sweet and smooth caramel flavor drizzled over the crispy leche flan. This one is completely different and a way better!


Barako coffee Jello 85

Halo-Halo Php 130

Flat lay view

Selected Bloggers/ Influencers to try out Filipino dishes with a twist

 How can I finish all these delectable and savory dishes? Just kidding!

My overall experience is 5 out of 5 stars. The food is really amazing and flavorful. The price is reasonable and the serving is quite big which is good for sharing. It feels good that the food servers are all attentive with our request. The place is big enough to accommodate “Filipino foodies” and foreign visitors. When we arrived, the food was served in less than 15 mins that’s how fast their servers are. I’ve been eating foreign dishes lately but Filipino recipe truly captures my heart.

In need of spacious private space for your meetings or gatherings? Call them for more details!


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Thank you, Mesa!


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  1. Kintan says: Reply

    Wowww….the foods look super and delicious. Happy to hear that you had a fantastic time with your co.bloggers there.

  2. Jasmin N says: Reply

    Oooh the food looks super tasty 🙂 the place also sounds & looks super lovely 🙂 would love to visit if I’m ever around 🙂

  3. Alice says: Reply

    This place sounds incredible! And that chicken looked absolutely delicious, my favourite

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  4. Helene says: Reply

    Wonderful place! And the food looks simply amazing, all these delicious plates.

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