Pay what you want experience at Recession Coffee by Digital Walker

I’ve been a coffee drinker since my college days way back 6 years ago…. Yes 6 years ago! I felt I’m so old now ;-( . I remembered when we have major exams, I’ve been staying in the cafe for almost whole day and ordered variety of flavors to keep my mind alive . But after I graduated and got my full time job, the stress is totally different (Absolutely! my mind must be that creative most of the time most esp. I’m in a marketing field!) .According to the survey that having a cup of coffee may help manage people stress. But hey not too much! There’s a cool cafe in our neighborhood. And guess what??? YOU CAN PAY WHAT YOU WANT!

Located at 2nd floor, Eastwood main mallLocated at 2nd floor, Eastwood main mall

Recession Coffee is a chic and unique cafe that shares the same space as Digital Walker  as you can see in the above photo. Digital walker sells portable speaker, iphones , imported phone casing, headphones etc in which this is the store for techy savy fellas. You will know why this one makes unique.



You can choose from here

Upon entering the cafe, you’ll gonna choose your flavor that they offering. Black (Espresso, cafe americano , long black) White (Latte, cappuccino, flat white) and you have a choice either Brewed as Hot or Cold. But upon ordering you’ll be ask    “How much are you willing to pay for your coffee?” I’m sure peeps who  first went here were totally shocked that they have no idea that this cafe is a pay-what-you-want system.


My sister and I

My sister and I were enjoying this spot



Why so serious???


My sister and I loves the ambiance. Since we both appreciate interior designs we absolutely like this place. If we needed to do some work out from office this would be our number 1 to go place . The place were very calming, bright lightning. there’s a communal space and a private tables and chairs for those who wanna have chitchat with friends while having their chosen coffee & pastry.

Service :

The baristas were friendly and courteous. The service is fast because we got our coffee and pastry in less than 10 mins.




Having good time with my sister


I tried their flat white and it was really good! I like the strong taste and it is totally incomparable. I used to drink coffee in a mug but this one is a bit challenging because you have to hold the glass while pipping hot coffee . Quality of the coffee were not compromised even my sister and I paid small . Ooppps!


I’m a matcha lover… my friends knows about it.

Kudos to Chef Mikko Aspiras for creating these sweet treats and variety of flavorful coffee . This matcha brownie were crunchy and it melts in my mouth. This is my apple-in-the-eye and this will keep me on coming back.

My overall experience is 4.7 out of 5. I enjoyed my coffee so much while browsing the latest tech here in digital walker . It’s a perfect collab! I’m looking forward to try the other pastries like lovewins (The rainbow cake) priced at Php 150 or honey ombre cake priced at Php 140 each. My only comment is lacking of extra chairs and tables since the foot traffic in this cafe is high.



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