Sedap: The Supreme Singaporean Authentic Asian Taste

According to the statistics, that 80% of the locals are into Asian cuisine most likely Singaporean and Malaysian food. If you are a traveler like me and been missing the authentic taste of Singaporean/Malaysian food. You don’t need to worry! Instead of breaking your bank and flying back, it is now here in the Philippines!.

Sedap is the first authentic Singaporean/Malaysian food that was brought here in the Phils.  Heads up to the Chef Ms. Marie Vivienne Abelador (Owner of Mesa Restaurant at Ayala 30th & Rancho Maria located in Palawan) and Mr. Bien Magno (Co-Owner of Mesa Restaurant and Topside Diner) for bringing home the authentic taste here in our beloved country.  With it’s imported ingredients and spices, fresh from Singapore, that makes every dish more tasteful and vibrant.


Sambal Sotong is an ohhh lala dish for me!I love how spicy it is! But you may ask them to adjust the level of spiciness according to your distinctive sharp taste. The sambal paste that was mixed made of dried chilies, minced garlic and shallots add fragrance to the dish. This is highly recommended for those who love the spicy based course.


Pedas kepah is a huge serving of mussels in a stir fry way with crushed garlic, chilli paste and other spices which were innovated than the usual local dish that we have.



Hainanese chicken is a light meal paired with a soup and side dish. Considered as a “Healthy Choice” because the oil from the chicken was extracted during the poaching process. Perfectly served with luscious rice along with chili dipping sauce, minced ginger, and garlic.It differs from the other restaurants that I’ve tried. After I tasted, I could freaking shout to the world that this recipe is to die for!



Ayam Nasi Goreng is a special grilled chicken which was marinated overnight using a special soy sauce & seasonings and the partnered with chicken rice and fried egg.

Pedas Udang is definitely one of my favorite and compliments with a cinnamon shot if you just want to experience a chill night. The sambal paste, a spicy aroma that is put together tastes more authentic and makes you want even more. I love it how it was decorated with cucumber slices.



Bah-kuh-teh  is a stewed pork with rice. Gently simmered in both broth and spices for hours. The meat was served is tender and well- braised.  The herbs and spices, plus the mushroom that was added contributed to its stronger flavor.



This is how they sip the broth in Singapore. The peppery and a little sweet taste is damn worth it! Totally comforting during the rainy season.



The above photo and everyone’s comfort food is Crispchon. However, It was served differently because the skin, and meat was wrapped in a malunggay wrapper with wansoy & cucumber. A healthier way of eating Lechon as they ripped off the fat. They serve 200grams per serving and good for sharing! Not bad at all!



You may order this whole Crispchon that is made constrastive than the traditional in the locality which result aesthetically pleasing.

So guys I know you feel so hungry right now and your eyes definitely drooling upon seeing Crispchon! This is a highly recommendable place for an Asian food lover just like me. For those peeps living near Marikina, This place is an airy, relaxing and comforting vibe which is perfect for a group hang out and to de-stress ourselves away from work. Sedap is located inside of the well-known food park in Marikina called “Food Trip”. One of the Sedap owners co-owns the food park. They went extra mile to put up a creative venture like this. I’m speechless!  Take note! The hard working Chef has resided in Singapore for a long time, so she knows how to catch the authentic taste!

So what are you waiting for? Pack up your things and bring yourself to experience a one-of-a-kind Singaporean genuine cuisine!

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# 5 Guerilla Street corner, Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue
Marikina City

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