The art of giving…

2 days before Christmas eve, my friends and I went out to distribute Noche Buena on the road. Originally, Our plan is to have dinner and grab some french wine but my good friend of mine “Yuan” said in our group facebook chat that why don’t we make a difference this holiday season? we asked him “what do you mean by that?” he said let’s make a difference by giving something to the needy and I told him our time is limited to arrange this charity works because we have to find where to give those goods either for the homeless people or for the sick kids. But then he encouraged us to give something to the needy to those who are living on the streets. This art of giving comes from our heart. it’s a small act of kindness that we don’t expect anything in return.


Ready to eat Noche Buena package


Just a simple way to make other people happy. We packed the goods which are ready to eat. Because we have to consider that others have no capacity to cook since most of them are homeless.

From Ortigas with love. lol


This is my friend yuan who encourage us to make a difference. At first, I’m so scared of going out and to distribute goods for the reason people might mob me but then he reminded me that we are doing this to make people happy.

The first guy whom we shared our blessing


The first one who received our Noche Buena package. He’s an Aeta from a far province. They were on the c5 road asking for food but after he thanked us and we got a teary eye. For those fellas who might be passing c5 road kindly share some food or drinks to them.



We were driving along shaw blvd road when we saw this happy family. Upon seeing them, we just had a quick interview on how they’re going to spend their Christmas. They answered that they don’t have much and that is why they’re asking for donations along the road or selling some Sampaguita and cigarette. One of them works as a carpenter, the other one is a jeep barker but it doesn’t mean it’s enough to raise a family especially now cost of living is too high and not everyone can afford it.  They were very happy when we handed the Noche Buena package. Truly look at their smiles 😉

Selfie with their mom!


When we parked yuan’s car in front of the salon, Kids hurriedly came to us and knocking the door asking for some food or Christmas present. At first, I gave the kids first cupcakes then greeted them merry Christmas. Everyone was happy when I handed the cupcakes. But to their surprise, I get off in the car and I went to the car compartment and I picked the Noche Buena and gave to their family.

Happy kiddos.




8,000 affected residents of Brgy addition hills because of fire accident


Actually, we started around 3 pm and we only saw few families on the street and the traffic is absolutely terrible that’s why our time is limited and it’s almost dark that moment. We prayed at that moment that hopefully, we could still see needy families on the road so we no longer need to go that far (There is some Noche Buena package left) and my friend accidentally saw a basketball court with random families inside. We approached one of the government worker assigned in that area and she explained that 8,000 families were now homeless because of the fire incident. Since we cannot accommodate them all, we made a promise that we’ll be back some other time. Or if you guys have a compassion to help you may drop by at Brgy. addition hills and bring some old clothes, food, and drinks. I’ve realized that I’m complaining too much in my life most especially when I’m having a bad day or if things went not in my way. By looking at them, we have no rights to complain. So let’s keep in our mind that appreciation can make a day, even it can change a life. But our willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.


Let’s bring back their smile regardless of what happened. Let’s share the good vibes.


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