The day I started…



When I’m working in my full time job in a design firm, I’m always fond of reading blogs, magazines and other reading materials that will fit to my lifestyle. I’ve been blogging since 2013 and its all about interior design and d-i-y-s. I didn’t had a chance to have my own content before since my excuse is “I’m always busy” and i don’t have time for these extra activities.But then I realized its not too late to start over…. There are so many stories that i wanna share to everyone and I would like the people to know and learn about it. So decided to stand up and give it a shot

Why Happy hippie vibe?
I’m a woman with full of positivity… even if sometimes struggles is real. I could talk about anything or everything because for me Life is Awesome. And I would like to share my happiness whenever I go and now I’m finally writing a content I could easily express my daily thoughts and learnings to inspire people.

This content is dealing with my everyday life and interest…I would like to share with you guys my personalized life stage and experiences. Could be about my family, travel , food , workout , fashion, make up etc. The style of my blog is absolutely a wide mix of content across other blog categories. In which it gives me more excitement 😉

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