Tony & Jackey Salon: Newest Celebrity Endorsers Press Conference

It’s been a while and I haven’t updating my blog due to numerous events,business and my mom’s wedding was finally done. One of these days I’ll show some sneak peak on how it was turn out.

Last May 9, 2017, I am truly honored to be invited by Tony & Jockey Salon which is under by Bangs Prime Salon. A well known upscale brand Korean salon to cover their contract signing event for their newest local endorsers. Tony & Jackey Salon is known for their latest trends in hairstyle not just korean styles but they can go beyond with your expectation with their well trained hair dressers and stylist. Being known as a No. 1 korean hairstyle salon here in the Philippines and a deluxe brand that will give you comfort by providing high quality treatment and services.

The event was held at their head office located in Malate Manila with the special participation of their General Manager, Mr. Sky Park.



Mr. Sky Park, General Manager of Bangs Prime Salon (Center)

I interviewed Mr. Park if what are the qualifications to become the face of their brand. According to him, Endorsers must be talented, confident and will truly speak for their brand most especially if they have events . We all witnessed and surprised how great are they during their mini performance.

So I know guys you are now freaking excited to know who are the newest faces of Tony and Jacky Salon!



This cutie guy named “Aaron DeTommaso”. At first, I have no freaking idea that this guy who were seating next to me is an Endorser. Why? Because he is so humble and keeps on talking to me like a normal person. He just introduced his name and asked me vice versa and we talked a lot. A tall and handsome guy who won in an award winning noon time show Eat bulaga “My Foreignoy”. My korean friend of mine Dasuri Choi, won the counter part. He is currently a model and a dj as well.

I interviewed him during the Presscon:
Me: Before your modelling career started, who is Aaron DeTommaso?
Aaron: I am an australian guy and I moved here in the Phils. three years ago to study Bachelor of Commerce in a University. I also joined military as well in Australia.



Tim Pavino, Known as the “Pop Balladeer” and a contestant of “The Voice Season 2” last 2016 . The song “You are my song” revived by him and became a hit. As a result, he reached 253k facebook followers.


Janine Fiona Kent, A beautiful young lady who won 5th placer when she performed one of her original compositions.



All of them were good performers but this lady (Long hair) who happened to be the Grand daughter of Elizabeth Ramsey (well known comedian and singer) and niece of Soul singer Jaya of GMA-7 gave me goosebumps as she sings. She is Ana Katrina Ramsey, M.O.R radio dj and Gold medalist in Euro Pop Festival Held at Germany. You may check her on youtube and I will testify how great she is.


Signing of Contract


                With my Co-Bloggers and other digital influencers

We also asked why they chose Bangs prime salon to endorse their products and services. Aaron answered that he used to be a client of Bangs Prime Salon and he will testify how good the services are and the products they they used for him gives him an extra ordinary experience. As per Janina, as a K-pop enthusiast she is very fond of korean hairstyles and they can transition in every trend that makes them popular.


To all Tony and Jackey’s newest endorsers, Welcome to the family! Can’t wait to see you all in the upcoming events.


Thank you T&J for my hair treatment and digital perm. ! I’ll be back again soon for another experience.  #Sponsored

Tony & Jockey salon currently have 12 branches nationwide.
Please visit them to the nearest branches near you!



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  1. Alice says: Reply

    Sounds like an intriguing event, I’m really into Korean hair and beauty trends right now.

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  2. oh wow this looks like you had a fabulous time and i love hearing people singing live!

  3. Kintan says: Reply

    Such a great experienced and lucky you to have a chance to joined such a great event.
    Kintan XO/

  4. jayne says: Reply

    Looks like you had a super day!

  5. Nora says: Reply

    Interesting read! That event sure was a good experience. 🙂 I wish I could be part of something similar.

    Nora /

  6. Katja says: Reply

    It’s so hard to find that one hairdresser who understands your style and makes you feel a million bucks – and when you find that, it’s like getting your hands on some treasure. having a reputation for being awesome is hard to achieve and harder to maintain so thumb up to these guys!
    Katja xxx

  7. I am so scared to let people touch my hair, I’m glad you had an amazing experience!

  8. Wow, how interesting! What a great experience!

  9. Tadeja says: Reply

    I see you get to attend some pretty awesome events… good for you! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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