Top 5 Fun adult Valentine’s day Party Games


I know most of us feel a little bit bitter this Valentines day. Just like me honestly! Ha-ha But don’t be sad because this special day is NOT ONLY exclusive for the couples. This can also be celebrated with your friends. It is actually more fun and exciting! Planning a party can be a daunting task. And if you are hosting a party in your place, better try these cool ideas!

1. Spin the bottle -Hey hey hey! This is not the same game that you played way back college days! OOPPS! This is not what you think. We will change the rules OK OK? Whenever the bottle points to someone, the spinner must say something nice OR some unforgettable shameful funny moments. Then you can give the person sweets that you guys prepared. Somehow sweet = )

This is quite hilarious! Don’t forget to take a video!

2. Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt – This is played by a pair. You could buy some valentine treasures like candies, pen, flowers, chocolates etc. Then hide it around the room. If the team founds more items compared to others, they will be declared as winner and they can have it all.

    3. Musical Hearts – This is mostly played if there is birthday party or fiesta. It is a paper dance game. But you will just cut the large newspaper into a heart shape and place it around the room. Then play the music and when the music stops, they must step on the paper only and make sure you guys will not touch the floor. Then repeats again, fold the paper. The last man standing will be declared as winner. So get ready to groove!

 4. Jengga drunk game – Let us change the rules. BOTTOMS up game! This game is usually composed of 4 to 5 peeps. The game ends when the tower falls. And the person who played last will bottom up the beer and will spill some steamiest experience! GET READY!

5. Valentines match me – If you want a more fun fun fun game. A cheeky game but not a crude for Valentine’s Day. Match me is an adult fill in the blank game that inspires fun and laughter like what we are watching on Tv. Most of the questions focus on Valentine’s Day, romance and relationships. If someone can impersonate like Tito boy or Jason Gainza of “IHAW NA” and is assertive to throw some spoofs is a way better!


Have fun and enjoy the game! Do not forget to upload your photos and tag me on Facebook! Use the hashtag #AdultVdaygamebyhappyvibe

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    thank you!

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    Thank you for your feedback! I’m glad you like it. Yes my priority also in this blog is on how to build relationship in a creative way.

  3. Interesting Games! I will definitely try some out soon.

  4. Spinning the bottle is a classic game…interesting game ideas

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